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Kristian Nairn

Date City Venue Country
10/03/17 Bangkok OYNX Nightclub (DJ Set) Thailand
11/03/17 - 12/03/17 Bangkok GMM Live House (Comic Con) Thailand
18/03/17 Lima Centro de Convenciones de Barranco (Rave Of Thrones) Peru
21/03/17 Las Vegas SUSHISAMBA (DJ Set) United States
24/03/17 Delhi I-Kandy (Rave of Thrones) India
25/03/17 Mumbai Playboy Club (Rave of Thrones) India
08/04/17 Reykjavik Harpa (DJ Set) Iceland
15/04/17 Moscow Yotaspace (Rave of Thrones) Russian Federation
27/04/17 - 30/04/17 Calgary Calgary Stampede Park (Comic Con) Canada
04/05/17 Washington A.I. (Rave of Thrones) United States
05/05/17 Madison Liquid (Rave of Thrones) United States
05/05/17 - 07/05/17 Todd Mission, Texas Middlelands Festival United States
06/05/17 Boston Bijou Nightclub (Rave of Thrones) United States
20/05/17 Paris KO (Rave of Thrones) France
09/06/17 Newark Newark Showground (DJ Set) United Kingdom
21/06/17 Cambridge Magdalene College (DJ Set) United Kingdom

Latest News

Kristian has hung up his Hodor cloak and is now out on tour across the globe with his Rave of Thrones shows. Check out the tour dates¬†for a full listing of his shows. If you’re interested in promoting a Rave of Thrones show or would like to book¬†Kristian for a DJ set please use the booking form. Are you a Kristian or Hodor fan? Why not sign up to his new email list here